Saturday, October 09, 2010

Cavalock and The Final Takashimaya Run?

Two days in a row at this year's Takashimaya Sale and I'm not as young as before. Pretty shacked out and pissed that I couldn't find any of the action figures I wanted.

And since the bank has refused to waive the card's annual fees, it looks like these are gonna my last buys from there, at least for awhile.

Yes, you can never have enough coffee. There are actually way more tubes in the kitchen cupboard. The decaf is pretty good, yes, I do drink decaf! :P

And in a case of better late than never, I finally paid my first visit to Udders Ice Cream! Yah I know everyone else has probably had their fill of Udders but like I said, better late than never.

Had a scoop each of Vanilla Beanz and Wineberries. Both new flavors I believe. Wineberries are cranberries and port, and yes they do deliver a slightly boozy kick. Strong enough to blanket any taste of my Vanilla Beanz. Which is a good enough reason to pay them another visit. Got my sights on Tira-miss-u and maybe Kick S Cream Caramel.


red fir said...

One of the worst ice creams in Sg.

Cavalock said...

Hah, really? Tell me what else serves sucky ice cream? :P my first experience was ok so i'll give them another shot. Gonna go try texas fried chicken next door too

the arts and crafts experiment said...

love the le creuset pot!!! did you buy it? do you know that i have my grandmother's le creuset stock pot. nice and huge. and it's an old fashion yellow pot :) it'll last you for generations!

i'm very curious now about udders ice cream.

Cavalock said...

hey itsy, yah i bought all that! well, they got lots of flavors at udders, u ought to go try it! :P