Sunday, April 01, 2012

Cavalock and The Ultimate Kolo Mee Sensation

Now with last weekend’s trip to Kuala Lumpur, that makes it the only city where I have been to by air, land and sea. The last time I was here with the (almost) same bunch of guys was also for a card tournament about seven years ago, the Lord of the Rings collectible card game to be exact. But my friends have all been to the city at least a dozen times more than me so I let them show me around. 

Since none of us made it to Day 2 of this year’s Magic Pro Tour Kuala Lumpur, we took our time leaving the service apartment on Sunday morning. One of the guys brought us to his favorite kolo mee coffee shop for a late breakfast.

 I forgot to take a snapshot of the shop exterior but it’s at Bukit Bintang, a little old corner kopi tiam that’s a short walk from Jalan Alor. It's right next to hotel Royal Bintang.

Our gang of five strolled in at about 10am and a Chinese uncle ushered us to an old school round kopi tiam table. I ordered a cup of tea but my friends the house specialty, teh (tea) with milk and gula melaka! They ordered in Cantonese and I didn’t know!

Back to the star attraction, the kolo mee was heavenly. Hands down the best kolo mee or wanton mee we had that weekend, and my favorite meal. The noodles were all delicately handmade upstairs and were akin to the finest angel hair pasta around. When ordering, tell the uncle you want the one with the mushrooms and chicken, done local style. 

Coming up next, another late night jaunt to Jalan Alor but first, check out what I found in a KL grocery store. Not 3-in-1 but 4-in1 instant Durian Coffee! Who dares?!?

It ain't an April Fool's joke so gimme a tick below if you think Durian Coffee is yummy, interesting or WTF?!? Thanks!


red fir said...

Eiowww.... durian coffee!? So did you try it? ;p

Cavalock said...

Hah, no I dare not! ;P