Saturday, April 14, 2012

Cavalock and The Foodie Furoku

I'm sure by now if you have stepped into any Kinokuniya book store, you'll be familiar with the Japanese magazines that come with free gifts or furoku as they are known in Japan. Most of these freebies are often fashion accessories from famous designers like Coach, YSL and Kate Spade BUT you know I don't give a rat's ass bout fashion!!!

So what's so special bout the furoku that I'm talking bout here? Well, it's gonna be all bout food and tucked in a corner away from the fashion furoku is a shelf with a bunch of food-related furoku.

Most contain little bento boxes or containers but you can also find kitchen utensils like sauce spoons and baking moulds. I believe they are likely to be made out of plastic or silicone.

Since I didn't buy any of them and I can't read Japanese, I can only guess the magazine part of the deal would feature recipes (utilizing the freebie) in Japanese and food porn.


ice said...

No cookin' in your new kitchen yet? Recipes please!

Cavalock said...

I just haven't done anything that's worth a write-up yet. But I do have a couple of interesting recipes lined up, need to buy the ingredients first! ;P