Monday, April 09, 2012

Cavalock and The Snack Bar Barrage

Oh yes! It's that time again when I'll make my way to Meidi-ya supermarket to check out the goodies that the big boys like Fairprice and Cold Storage don't bring in. My freelance gig is over (for now!) and I still got a whole buncha personal stuff to do!

For starters, there's always some cool new cereal here. This time it's the famous Smores-flavored ones plus a bunch of breakfast bars too. Given a choice I'll pick the Cadbury bars over the Kellogg's ones for sure.

I know Easter is over but I think you can still find these mini eggs in their chill section next to the cheeses, if you hurry. And then you got the ginger loaves, I think they should be nice as I have always liked gingerly stuff and yes, there's a snide reference to redheads in there somewhere.

Now I know you might this jar of apple cider in other supermarkets too but its been a long while since I seen this. I used to drink tons of it when I was a kid, less than 10 years-old I think, till I threw up and was banned from going anywhere near it! The best damn non-booze cider in town!

Finally a little non-food find from Daiso. How cool is this?!? A wannbe swiss-army knife for only S$2! I think that's the best deal ever!

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