Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Cavalock and The Jalan Alor Allure

We made the famous Jalan Alor in Kuala Lumpur our regular late night hangout and stuffed our big fat gamer faces silly, it was a frinkin’ street feast every night.

For our second night, the friend brought us to his favorite KL chee chiong fan and yong tau foo stall. Was a small makeshift stall at a street corner just before the main Jalan Alor. Not much street lighting there hence the need for iPhone flashes. 

Once again, street food here just tastes better. Had the above plate of chee chiong fan all for myself and it was noticeably more chewy, with more texture than the type I’m used to having for breakfast back home.

The yong tau foo was equally memorable but we held back cos we have yet to hit Jalan Alor! A generous plate of wan ton mee for everyone plus tim sum and other local dishes completed our second night.

Night Three! Kicked off our final night with some roadside BBQ and grilled yum yums on sticks at 10pm. Food was alright but made better with the special sauces provided and no, I don’t really know what kinda sauces they were. Now here comes the kicker, we are all pretty sure they recycle the sticks! We stayed behind after our meal, the hawker counted our sticks and we waited for him to throw them away but he didn’t! Well, fortunately all the contents in our tummies held together for the rest of the trip.

Followed by more wan ton wee but seriously, after having had the kolo mee breakfast (my last post), nothing else came remotely close at all. Plus we then had some more chicken wings and another big plate of Malaysian style oyster omelet, with the egg ‘skin’ evenly and meticulous folded over a bed of luscious oysters.

Damn, I was just wondering what do Malaysians eat when they visit Singapore, the hawker food here is nowhere near as good as KL street food…


imp said...

wahh! i already feel very full looking at all your photos. no need to eat lunch today!

Cavalock said...

heh, your Hong Kong and Bangkok posts are also tempting me to visit my 'ancestral' home too! *guess which one* ;)

imp said...

both? hong kong?

Cavalock said...

My grandma's Thai so I guess I'm 1/4 Thai. But I can't speak the lingo anymore!