Monday, April 30, 2012

Cavalock and The Gaming Bond

We have been gaming and hanging together for more or less 10 years now. It was the old tabletop Fantasy game Mage Knight that brought the bunch of us together, about eight or seven of us and over the years that number has gone down and up again. We have literally played hundreds of games (boardgames, CCGs, online games, etc.) together since then, if you have seen the way some of us bought games, you will know I ain't making this up!

Over the years, we have came with all kinds of names to call our groups, sometimes out of necessity like when we had register ourselves in gaming tournaments. From The Fellowship to Team Mage Knight to Team Sperm Whale. We even travelled to other kingdoms and faraway lands to kick ass. 

But every once in a while we get together for food too.  A couple weeks ago, we headed to Shin Yuu at Greenwood for their dinner buffet, was pretty good for S$50 ++.

It's also a good thing we have all very, very different personalities, it's hard to imagine a more diverse group of gamers coming together and tolerating each other. Cos the amount of trash-talking and ribbing we give each other on a normal day is enough to drive any outsider insane.

Finally a few shots from what a geek like me was up to this week, from manning a flea market stall (advice: Star Wars action figures no-sellers) to attending the last regional Magic Pre-release (my luck was awful that day) to the best damn ice teh chino ever (the hot weather is killing me).


LiquidShaDow said...

Geez...Mage Knight. I used to play that too. At Serene Centre.

Cavalock said...

Yup, we were all there for the saturday afternoon tourneys!