Monday, May 07, 2012

Cavalock and The East India Community

A new supermarket shows up on my radar and you know what that means, yup, time to see if there's anything about this place that sets it apart from the others. The supermarket is the new Cold Storage store at Changi Point. And guess what, seems like there is something different about the place after all. Almost an entire aisle dedicated to food items from India!

I sure don't remember any other Cold Storage outlets having anything like this. It's kinda like Mustafa if you know what I mean. You got rows of Indian dessert packs (I really like the super sweet ones!) and sacks of different basmati rice. I thought it was pretty neat.

And in the fresh foods area, there's even a little section dedicated to veggies from India. I mean, I think they are from India cos the sign says "authentic".  I guess the folks at the supermarket chain did their research and there are a lot more Indians working or living here in Changi???

Anyway, look what else I found. Caffeine Free Coke! They are available at their other outlets so no rush in getting them right there and then. They are also 40 cents more than your usual Coke. Apparently it costs more to be healthy. Well, hope you can taste the difference! <^;^>

Geek speak time again! The last week has been packed with all kinds of crazy geek activities, from catching The Avengers movie to playing the new Magic set Avacyn Restored to having a blast at Free Comic Book Day.

To the uninitiated, that was Thanos at the end of The Avengers movie credits. Watching him onscreen was akin to every comic book fans' wet dream. And here's a brief account of how my Free Comic Book Day went on Saturday. :P

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