Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cavalock and The Japanese Steak House Visitation

To celebrate the smartest decision I ever made in my freakin' life, dinner on Wednesday nite was a fancy little deal at Angus Steak House at Takashimaya. I have been hitting the Japanese steak joints like Ma Maison recently and its been awhile since I tried Angus so here I am again.

I was told that they had renovated the place but it kinda looks the same to me, bright but still kinda cozy, the piano is still near the entrance and what I like is the tables are nicely spaced out and it don't feel too cramped. "Damn it, woman! I need my space!" ;P

Add a mere S$10 to your main and you'll get a (fish) starter like the one above, soup of the day (pumpkin), salad and dessert. Not a bad deal at all.

As for the piece de resistance, my medium ribeye was thick, juicy and pretty much just the way I wanted it. But the slice of lime kinda left a tangy after taste I wasn't all that crazy bout ... so I gotta say I still prefer the steak at Ma Maison over at Bugis.

Now I know there's more that I wanna write bout the dinner and all but like most guys around the world right now, I'm waaaay too busy hacking my way through Diablo III.  Will I have time for anything else? <^;^>

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