Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cavalock and The Fruit Cocktail Concoctions

So with a new kitchen comes (at least) one new gizmo, and that's the Hurom Juicer. You might have seen it at Takashimaya some time back but anyway, there's one sitting on my kitchen shelf right now and I'm really enjoying every last drop from it.

I'm not a spokesman for it but you can see it in action with Martha Stewart in the driver's seat. What I really like is how easy it is to clean. No sharp blades just this big heavy grinding 'screwdriver block' that crushes the fruits, veggies, nuts or whatever. The juice goes into the right container while the pulp goes into the left one. Definitely no regrets getting it.

Not bad from three apples and a carrot, that's one and a half cup of really pure 'thick' juice.

But if fruit juice ain't your thing, maybe this kinda 'fruit' cocktail is more your type? Bwahahah! Yup, cocktail hour now comes in a can at where else but ... Meidi-ya supermart!

And then I saw this! Cadbury Biscuit Bites! They look so damn tempting, there's mint, honeycomb, rocky road and orange crunch.  If not for this nasty cough I'm having, I would have gotten mint or honeycomb pack. Still don't get it why the other supermarts don't bring in stuff like this.

Oh, and if anyone out there who knows my past and who's wondering about a certain computer game. Hell yeah, I'm in it for sure! And right now as I'm typing this, I'm a level 14 Witchdoctor with three very large zombie dogs by my side. <^;^>

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