Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cavalock Goes To Savour 2012

Took a break from my freelance gig on Friday to stuff my face at Savour 2012. Where do I begin? Here's a tip, head to the foreign restaurants cos you probably won't get another chance to try them again once this is over.

My favorite has got to go to Vuelve a la Vida from Pujol, Mexico. Says they are S. Pellegrino World's 49th Best Restaurant 2011. Its shrimp, clam and octopus, with chipotle and coriander emulsion was amazing. Lots of interesting textures and flavors. So good I had seconds. <^;^>

Their Credo pelon en racado blanco, Mexican pig with white spice sauce, alfayayocan bean, red and black radish wasn't half bad either.

Then a very expensive egg from 3 Michelin Stars French restaurant L'Arpege, the Chaud Froid Egg with maple syrup and xeres vinegar.

Another thing I liked about the event was the two whole convention floors filled with gourmet food stalls and workshops. I spent a couple hours in there and before I knew it, it's almost 4pm! Time for everyone to close shop until the evening session starts again at 6pm.

Immediately made my way to my last stop at Xu restaurant from Vietnam. They apparently picked up the Restauranteur of the Year 2011 at the Asian Gastronomic Awards. Had the dessert Che Troi Nuoc, glutinous rice ball with green bean and a coconut ginger syrup. Sweet with a strong but not overpowering ginger kick to it.

Next up, my Kuala Lumpur  food and gaming trip continues with the best Kolo mee I ever had!


red fir said...

Lookin' good! Urgh but I got to give this a miss this year. Seems like you bought more savour dollars?

Food looks delicious but it's so incongruous that gourmet food be served on Styrofoam plates.

Cavalock said...

yah, bought way more Savour $$$ than i expected.

Well, its not those cheap styrofoam plates, its those hard plastic ones which are 'better' i guess