Friday, January 06, 2012

Cavalock Says Thanks Again

My little ‘expedition’ through Italy and France wasn’t without …er… missteps. In Rome, I lost my beloved camouflage buff after dinner one night.  Strolled back to my room and then I realized, “Dude, where’s my buff?” This was the freakin' buff that saw me through single-digit weather across Japan and England. Well, that left me no choice but to buy a brown Italian handmade scarf in the small hilltop town of Sienna a few days later. The kind serious adults wear. Otherwise anything above my chest would have been frozen solid before my first week is over.

Another thing I had to say good-bye to was my big ass Swiss Army knife in Paris. Don’t ask me how or why l had to part with it. It ain’t a pretty tale. Would you believe if I told you I lost it in an illegal gambling den run by gypsies at the back of a French restaurant?    

Now if you are into food and in Paris, you must check out the market area Marché Montorgueil. Down the street, that’s where you’ll find numerous bistros, boulangeries or pastry shops. And if you are there in the summer or spring, I can imagine there’ll be much more fresh fruits and vegetables on display. The fruit stall in this post is from the area too.

If you bake or cook, you’ll definitely appreciate finding certain ingredients that you can hardly find back home like 100% cacao chocolate. Outside one of the shops was where a nice French lady struck up a conversation with us and advised us on the finer points of preparing foie gras.

Well, this is my last post on my trip so I figured if you have been reading all this, I just wanna say thanks! And here’s a little something to show my appreciation for sticking around, hey, that’s five minutes of reading my stuff that you’ll never get back! <^;^>

Leave a comment and/or email in my comment box and at the end of the month, that’s January, I’ll randomly (using one them online randomizers) pick one where I’ll then email back to you for a mailing address. And here's what I’ll be mailing to you, four postcards depicting popular French patisseries and bread. Yup, one lucky person will get a set of four yummy postcards. I did a giveaway couple years ago (just so you guys know I'm legit!) and I hope to have another one in the near future too.

Got them from the famous Stohrer Patissier along Marché Montorgueil. So many to choose from....there were lots more mouth-watering food postcards, on all kinds of French food like summer fruits, different sorts of cheese, candies, honey (yah, I never knew there were so many kinds of honey) etc. I bought like ten different ones! 


ice said...

Did you get robbed of your swiss army knife?!?

And Thankew again!

Cavalock said...

oh, nothing as nefarious as that. But it was entirely my fault. :P