Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Cavalock and A Lunch Date with Angelina


A new year and I still got a couple more Paris posts to share so bear with me, and I promise you I'll make it all up to you with some of my best food porn to go.

So it was on a wet, drizzy afternoon that I found myself stepping into the famous Angelina Tearoom in the heart of Paris. As expected, the place was packed. But we were fortunate enough to be led into a more private area where we could at least hear ourselves talk.

If you ever find yourself in Paris, I think this is pretty good place to set a lunch date. Their speciality is Mont Blanc or chestnut, which you'll find not just in their pastries or desserts but also in their starters., like their chestnut cappuccino soup.

My soup od the day which if memory serves me right, was mushroom soup
Chestnut cappuccino soup and no, I didn't try it
Now they are also famous for their hot chocolate but my throat was already feeling a little worse for wear so I passed on that. I had the scared scallops served with creamy polenta. Very nice and no complaints. After the scallops, you got the beef fillet served with potato napoleon and below that is the duck foie gras.

Ah finally, zee desserts! Zee famous and much anticipated Mont Blanc. Gorgeous meringue covered with chestnut puree vermicelli. I also had the millefeuille, that's the first pix. Great food, good service but it didn't come cheap. Still, it's one of them once-in-a-lifetime foodie experiences that you just can't say 'no' to.


ice said...

ZOMG... you are killing me with the Mont Blanc... Food looks good too, especially the scallops. That's a lot of food there. Is it a set meal?

M. said...

Two trips to Paris and I still haven't stepped into Angelina's! Argh looks like another trip has to happen soon ;p

Cavalock said...

ice: Nope, not a set meal. Had nice little old lady waitress who recommended the dishes.

M: best reason to pay the city another visit!

M. said...

I'm going to be in paris again in 2 weeks! Will try to get a bite of that chestnut thing......