Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Cavalock and A Dinner Date with Josephine

I kinda like how the some of the restaurants in Paris are given names like Angelina and Josephine, I think it makes a lot easier to remember. So on my last night in Paris, it was dinner at another famous place, Josephine Chez Dumonet. So how hot was this joint? It was so hot that I had to call and make my reservations couple weeks before flying to Europe.

I made the reservations for 7.30pm, that’s when they open too. But we got there at bout 7.10pm. Place was still closed but we could see through the shutters there were cops in there. Waited in the cold for almost half hour before the doors opened. No cops in sight. What I do see are nice white linen-draped tables and cool 1930s light fixtures. Nothing too fancy but old world bistro charm that you just can’t find anywhere else besides France of course.

Well, it’s definitely more than just the interiors that people are interested in. Their Grand Marnier soufflé has been proclaimed as the best in Paris if not the world, in more than a few reviews. And you got the beef bourguignon that’s also on the must-have list.

Started with an excellent pumpkin soup, followed by an all-star parade of delectable French cuisine including the above-mentioned beef bourguignon, crispy-skinned duck confit, tender piece of veal and the foie gras that we all agreed was better than the one we had at Angelina. 

Then came dessert, what else but the Grand Marnier soufflé. It doesn't collapse like others do and pouring in the liquor, geez it's that good.

Now dinner was the best part of the night but the BESTEST part of the night was me discovering a comic boy toy shop on the way back to the hotel! Bought a bunch of action figures for myself and as gifts. <^;^>

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