Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cavalock and The Eclair Extirpation

I hope everyone had a great Lunar New Year. The new kitchen is still holding up pretty well so that's a good thing.

The new oven looking all nice and shiny
Like I said in my last post, when doing a new kitchen be sure you make some space allowances in your measurements. When you open your oven or fridge doors, is there still enough space to move around? And also check that the width of your kitchen cabinet shelves are wide enough for your biggest plates and bowls.

I finally have my own island!
Stuff comes in boxes! Don't forget that when they are delivering your big ass fridge, it's gonna be in a box that's naturally gonna be bigger than the fridge measurements so make sure that the box can maneuver through whatever limited space you have in your new kitchen.

I know it's a tiny kitchen but it'll do
A little foodie rant now. So I finally made my way to the new Paul bakery at Takashimaya. Ordered a lemon meringue tart and an eclair to go. Here's the shocker, my tart and eclair were indiscriminately chucked into paper bags. The eclair was ruined, the icing on top was gone. The tart was in better shape as it only cracked at the edges. Simply awful. :(

Now compare that with Maison Kayser and how they do their takeaways. I bought my eclair from Maison Kayser a couple weeks ago and the dessert was placed gingerly in a handy little box. Unfortunately I didn't snap any shots of the box but here's one of the eclair, still in one piece.


ice said...

EEKS! I hate my desserts being defaced in any manner. Such sloppy packaging. :/

M. said...

very nice spanking new kitchen! good job!

Oysterdiaries said...

I guess it depends on whether they have the time to bother with you :\ Maison Kayser threw my chocolate eclair into a paper bag, and my croissants, buns etc in another. Sigh

Cavalock said...

ice: yah, it was pretty nasty. BUT that doesn't mean I won't visit the place again. Maybe just not so soon.

M: Thanks! it's not perfect but it'll do.

Oysterdiaries: i hope that's an isolated incident. You got a really neat blog and thanks for dropping by! ;)

imp said...

Wah. Your measuring skills to fit in an island are superb!

Cavalock said...

nah, wasn't me. Was the interior designer pple. ;)