Monday, January 30, 2012

Cavalock and The Magnetic European Mementos

For this post, it's gonna be bout two of my favorite blog topics so far, what else but my last European escapade and my new kitchen aka Stuff-I-Bought-In-France-And-Italy-That-Are-Now-In-My-New-Kitchen! <^;^> And a new fridge certainly deserves new magnets.

This little cup magnet from Paris came in real handy as a stopper as it prevented the fridge from hitting the oven switch. See what I mean when I talked bout making extra space for opening doors etc. in my last post.

Check out this cute magnetic sardine can clock from Italy. Unfortunately the magnet wasn't terribly strong and it kept sliding down the side of the fridge. So I decided a better for it, on top of the new washing machine instead.

But look at what I got to put on the side now! Found it at Galeries Lafayette in Paris and really, where can I find something like that back home? Of cos, I had to get it.

Finally, want to where else you can get Starbucks coffee besides their usual joints? Starbucks instant coffee sachets spotted at Meidi-ya last week. For S$39.90, you can make 24 cups of Starbucks brew at home or office. Used to be a fan of Starbucks but nowadays....nah, the taste, the aroma just don't seem to work on me no more.


ice said...

Smart use of the magnet! haha but what business has the clock got to do on top of the washing machine?

imp said...

Loving that sleek fridge of yours and the quirky picks for the kitchen.

Cavalock said...

ice: Plus the cup magnet is made outta a soft material so it doesn't damage the oven wall.

imp: i wish our shops here sell cool stuff like that!