Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cavalock and The Pocky Grahams Encounter

Been awhile since I was back at Meidi-Ya so naturally off I went to my favorite Japanese supermarket. As expected I was greeted by a several new goodies, well, they are new to me.

First up, some new treats from Pocky! Very tempted to buy but I think I passed my Pocky phase a couple years ago. I must say, the peanut one actually looks healthy to me.

And the bestest thing I found there? GRAHAMS FRINKIN' CRACKERS! I have been looking for this at our local shelves for like a year cos of all them baking recipes that needed Grahams Crackers, like pie crusts and s'mores. So finally I found them but they aren't cheap, like over S$7 a box!

So what local dish did I miss most while in Europe? Heh, below is my first dinner after touching down, crab noodle from Melban. Followed by an entire white pepper crab from No Signboard restaurant a few weeks later. That's right, I devour an entire white pepper crab by my loneself. <^;^>


ice said...

Why should the peanut pocky be healthy? Hahaha seems to me the most decadent!

Hmm... think I've seen graham crackers at marketplace & Cold Storage before.

Cavalock said...

I thought since there's peanuts in it, it's alright. I think I have seen the little mascot in the supermarket before but not graham crackers.