Thursday, April 09, 2020

Cavalock and The Home-Cooked Collage

Home-cooked meals are the order of the day during this here Lockdown. From beef don to chicken noodles, the Baker-at-Home has been stellar in putting food on the table over the last couple weeks. A guy can't be more blessed than this. For breakfast, we were lucky to have purchased one them big ass blenders with them power blades earlier this year, specifically to blend nuts or almonds to be exact, into jars of nut butter. A thicker and richer spread than the nut butter you find in your grocery stores, and I suppose it's healthier too cos it's all natural.

It's very unlikely that we'll be doing any traveling this year so no more obligatory vacation food collages but here's a home-cooked collage instead.

The Baker-at-Home is now also the Office Worker-at-Home cos her office just delivered all two big monitors and they are both now occupying the study table. My iMac is now a fixture on the dining table, yah, the same table that I host my Warhammer tabletop sessions with me friends. Well, anyway it's not like I can ask them over any time soon. Hah!

Some new bird pix by me 85-year-old Dad before the Lockdown. Mostly taken at Jurong and Botantic Garden.

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