Monday, April 20, 2020

Cavalock and The Lockdown Fridge Discovery

Well, the country is still in a dismal Lockdown but life goes on and there are still things to do. Things like while clearing out the fridge, the Baker-at-Home found this forgotten gem in our fridge that we bought back in Tokyo last year! Honey Miso Garlic Dip!

We got this little bottle of miso dip from a small shop near Tokyo Station specialising in all kinds of honey (L'abeille means 'honey' in French) and sauces from Japan. It was one of those fascinating shops that we happened to stroll past and just decided to enter and then leave with a bag of new stuff. Y'know, the kinda shop that locals frequent, and you know there are some local treasures inside. Hah! A tiny little spicy kick from the garlic but so much flavour, and goes so well with the veggie sticks. Should have bought the larger bottle. You should see how we are rationing this during meals, it's hilarious! Ah, reminds me of all them past yakitori restaurant dates, until the Lockdown ends I guess this all we have for now.

Thanks to me foot operation last year, I reckon I got some practise with being in a Lockdown as in being immobile and having to stay indoors for a couple months. I can understand if you are over 60 years old, how sucky it can be when you are forced to stay indoors but if you are young, healthy and with access to the Internet, come on! Take it from a certified introvert, the outdoors are way overrated. Alright, I'm kidding, maybe it's just a little overrated.

Been getting my daily doses of boardgaming at the free Boardgame Arena site. Am simply loving the boardgames here. Gotta keep them grey cells working. Mostly gaming with my friends in the afternoon when they can take a break from working from home or in the evening. Although you could just log on and pick a game with strangers instantly. You just stroll through the games you like and you'll see tables opening up for folks to join in. Been playing 7 Wonders, Puerto Rico, The King's Guild and several others. Like I said in my last post, the interface is brilliant, with game instructions and everything.

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