Monday, April 27, 2020

Cavalock and Another Lockdown Home-Cooked Collage

Been a few weeks since I posted a collage of the glorious meals that the Baker-at-Home had cooked up for the two of us during the Lockdown. Believe it or not, it's me first time having quinoa, and I'm enjoying it. The Baker-at-Home is a fan of quinoa for awhile now while I have been avoiding it until now. Hah!

Am so glad I have been buying all them Japanese face towels whenever we were there over the last couple years. I have at least a dozen and they all came in real handy as I'm using them everyday. Being in Lockdown means no more chilling in an air-con office or mall environment which leaves me sweating like a rain god to all the bugs around me. So of cos, I have been going through the photo reel in me iPhone cos what else can I do besides gaming, reading, painting and watching YouTube during a Lockdown? Some snapped last year, same earlier this year.

Well, colour me green! I never knew that's how brussels sprouts are grown before picking this up at Isetan a couple months ago. Now there's this rice spoon or scoop I spotted in Tokyu Hands that measures the amount of calories in each scoop. I thought that's pretty cool. And fluffy chicken in me Dad's neighbourhood.

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