Monday, April 13, 2020

Cavalock and The Post Easter Sunday Post

Hot-crossed buns! Been awhile since I had one and the Baker-at-Home did her very first batch this Easter Sunday afternoon! I remembered I had the occasional hot-crossed bun when I was growing up in the old family home but today's buns were nothing like the ones I had as a kid. For starters, they had rum-soaked raisins in them! They were soaked late last year but we had our home renovations back then so the Baker-at-Home didn't have time to bake her usual Christmas fruit cakes. It was only a small jar this time so she decided to attempt baking some hot-crossed buns with them, using a modified Mary Berry recipe I believe.

Yah, 12 freshly baked hot-crossed buns for just the both of us is a lot! But they taste great so no complaints at all.

So believe it or not, I haven't painted a single miniature since the Lockdown started. Gawd knows it's not cos I haven't got anything to paint. Still got a backlog of bout half a dozen figures to paint. I did paint a couple little treasure chests to use as objectives in future tabletop games.

Well, I been playing boardgames online at Boardgame Arena. It's a site where they got digital versions of popular boardgames like Carcassonne, 7 Wonders, Tzolk'in, Saboteur, Stone Age, just to name a few. And it's all free, well, you can pay to be a premium member to get some other benefits like voice chat and a wider selection of games. It's async too so you can make a move today while your opponents make their moves later in the day and you can continue the day after. Or you can also play in real time. It's that versatile and the interface is extremely user-friendly as well.

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