Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cavalock Needs A New Cable TV Box

So as I'm typing this, I'm rushing though a cable TV marathon as I zip though as many recorded cable shows as possible before I reset my cable box hard drive. Cos it can't record any shows, I mean the recent recordings have no audio and then finally last nite, no video either. Game over, dudes.

Right now Sunday morning, I'm watching some recorded History Channel documentaries like the 2-hour God vs Satan. Then I got a dozen CSI: New York episodes later. Fortunately I had one of these earlier.

Well anyway, yesterday Saturday was pretty good in the food department. Started the morning with a decent enough salmon scrambled eggs at Coffee Bean.

Dinner was definitely a winner. Was recommended Canton-i at the Ion and that's where Saturday's dinner was. Their signature wan ton noodle was good, springy tasty noodles after a day of shopping is always good. Not a very big portion but that meant room for the rest of the stuff on the menu.

Didn't really had much of their XO carrot cake but I heard it was good. Another dish that was equally delectable was the roast pork, just enough fats and crispy skin.

They ran out of their daily soup special so we ordered this instead. Pork knuckle, winter melon with scallops soup. Like how they slipped the porky rib in the little winter melon hole. Hah!

Always luved a glass of lemongrass drink whenever or wherever I find one. No complaints that nite. <^;^>

Oh, and since we are on the topic of the Ion shopping mall, I just wanna say that PROLOGUE book shop is a major rip-off joint!!! The books (and I bet just about everything else) there are waaaaaay over-priced. Bought something there last week and found it like almost 10 bucks cheaper at Kinokuniya. Never ever again will I step in there. STAY AWAY FROM THAT PLACE!!! PROLOGUE SUCKS!!!


red fir said...

EEEWWWW! I hate lemongrass! :/

Cavalock said...

Better than milkshakes! <^;^>

richard said...

I don't think I've ever had a lemongrass tea (certainly, not one with actual lemongrass sticking out). It looks pretty cool.

Cavalock said...

i think u can find a simple recipe on the net, n grab some lemongrass in an asian grocery store. its super refreshing!