Monday, November 23, 2009

Cavalock and The Pasta Experiment

Was my day off today and figured I'll cook up a pasta dinner I saw on the Asian Food Channel. Recipe's all based on what I can remember. Yah, I think this would be the first time I'm whipping something up based entirely on what I can remember watching on TV a couple of nites ago. No written notes, measurements or going online to look for recipes, I mean I could but hey ... I wanna see how good or bad I am.

Well, the fact that I'm writing bout it means it's ok. Oh, almost forgot ... what I made was linguine with clams in white wine. <^;^>

Started with a half-hour trek on foot (WTF, that's the nearest wet market!) to Tekka Market for fresh mussels. Mussels sold at supermarkets are either frozen half-shelled ones or are already opened and shrink-wrapped. Yes, the original plan was linguine with mussels in white wine sauce. Well, there were no fresh mussels today, was told there'll be fresh ones tomorrow. And hell, if I'm gonna walk all the way back empty-handed! Settled for these clams instead.

So bout six hours later based on what I can remember as well as gut feeling, got some garlic, grapeseed oil and bacon.

Sauteed the bacon. Be generous with the grapeseed oil and watch out for the sizzling oil!

Got ready the white wine and the pasta. There goes the last bottle of white wine in the house.

Once the bacon looked done. Toss in the clams, followed by two glasses of white wine. That's what I remembered watching on TV. Got two pots cooking at the same time. Forgot to buy parsley while getting the bacon in the afternoon at Raffles City.

Ok, so it was edible, not bad but definitely room for improvement. First off, I forgot the bacon was already salty enough on its own, didn't ready need to add any more salt. The sauce was a little too salty. Next, needs more garlic too.

Now here's something I saw at Anime Festival Asia over the weekend. The new set of MOS Burger phone straps! Resisted getting them but you should be able to get them at the nearest gashapon machines.


ice said...

Looks good! (: Clams are always better than mussels.

Cavalock said...

is it? i kinda fell in luv with mussels in white wine sauce after my UK trip. <^;^>

so Spiffy said...

It's me.. "wink" I had to move my domain/blog..... damn blogzillas...

Anyhoo.. I love your Pasta Experiment.... I loved eating mussels growing up.

imp said...

oh so yummy! this is a simple yet difficult pasta to make! i prefer it with clams.

Cavalock said...

April: Thanks! Looking forward to your recipes too!

imp: yup, easy to make, hard to master. thinking of eating it with bread instead of pasta next time.

richard said...

I have never had a good experience with fresh mussels, clams or oysters - there always seems to be at least one or two that are off. The canned stuff (smoked and packed in oil) is fine.

Yeah, I think parsely probably would have helped - I think cilantro might have offered and exotic taste.

We don't learn unless we do. Cookingis more about gut instinct than recipe.

Cavalock said...

yup, agree with u bout it being more bout instinct. sure would like to see wat u cooking on yr site.

richard said...

I occaisonally post recipes. I probably should do it more, but most times I don't remember exactly how I prepared something and I haven't taken pictures either. Food has got to go with pictures.

You can always check out my recipe section.