Monday, November 16, 2009

Cavalock Likes Melon Breads & Women in Sleeveless Tops Too

Looks like I still got a little box of unopened goodie from London. White choc and honey, two of my favorite things. Now I wonder why I got that Japanese book there....<^;^>

Anyway, always get a kick outta these Japanese surveys from What Japan Thinks. This first one here is bout Japanese snacks. Here are what the Japanese think are the most attractive-looking snack, the one that they feel LOOKS really good on the outside.

Q: What foods do you choose from the outside appearance more than from the stuff inside? (Sample size=1,156)

Rank Score
1Melon bread100
3Tempura (batter-fried bite-sized fish and vegetables)78.1
4Choux cream (cream puff)72.0
6=Fried chicken55.9
8Chinese steamed bun55.1
11Imagawa-yaki, Oban-yaki45.1
15Spring roll36.6
16Curry-filled roll33.1
17=Fried fish31.1

Now here's a survey that really spurred my imagination, I mean after reading this, I couldn't stop imagining how women look in different outfits. Although I don't really between some of them. Like what is the difference between a 'hot pants' and a 'short pants'? What exactly is a 'fluffy girly one-piece'? (´・ω・`;)

Q: What clothes make you think you ought to make a move at dating parties? (Sample size=418, men)

Rank Score
1Sleeveless top100
2Denim mini-skirt76.6
3Hot pants70.2
4Wide-necked top that shows collar bone66.0
5Loose v-necked top63.8
6See-through white blouse48.9
7=Fluffy girly one-piece46.8
7=Short pants46.8
7=Fishnet tights46.8
10Short, tight T-shirt42.6
11Low-rider jeans38.3
12Loose-fitting ethnic one-piece21.3
13=Tight dress with front slit19.1
13=Tube top19.1
15=Legging that show ankle12.8
15=Skinny jeans12.8
17Snug-fitting turtle-neck10.6
18Slim trouser-suit12.8
19Off-the-shoulder number6.4
20Puffy-sleeved dress4.3


ice said...

Puffy sleeved dress lol :P I'm surprised tube top isn't ranked tops.

heh why no picture of the chocolates?

Cavalock said...

haven't opened them yet! expires next year! hah

richard said...

The face is far more important to me than the clothes.

I don't think I have ever heard a guy say: "Look at the awesome sleeveless shirt she's wearing!"

Cavalock said...

Yah, face first for me too but what she's wearing counts as well. Am trying not to sound sleazy or anything cos am now imagining anonymous young Japanese girls in those outfits. <^;^>