Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cavalock and Ten New Facts

Some new and interesting facts that I found out over the week...

1. There's a Japanese restaurant along Mohd Sultan Road that serves whale's sperm (or is that semen?), and from the photo it looks like tofu .

2. The office has a Nespresso machine upstairs.

3. You can find Martha Stewart Crafts stuff here in Singapore, at this new place in Raffles City, PaperMarket.

4. Letterman's latest Top Ten with Michael Buble is one of the funniest this year.

5. Rio Bravo is a damn good western.

6. There's gonna be a free sports cable channel with WWE wrestling next year.

7. While he was here in Singapore, Gene Simmons wasn't adventurous with his food at all. Was seen throwing up a small piece of durian cake and he couldn't stand the sight of fish head curry.

8. You don't need Microsoft Office when is free.

9. It's that time of the year again, rainy and windy.

10. There are three different alternate endings to the movie Paranormal Activity.

OK, time for some food stuff. Yah, I know, been a couple of posts since I put up any new food pix.

A couple of tarts I picked up at Fruit Paradise, Fruit Tart Shop from Japan. I believe they are new here at Raffles City basement, and they have outlets at Tampines Central and Orchard Central.

Got the banana caramel and strawberry mont blanc tarts. They are pretty big. Was alright but not that sweet or memorable if you know what I mean, just not my kinda dessert.


ice said...

Oh you're working at Raffles City now?

Cavalock said...

Nope, was at raffles city yesterday n bought the tarts.

richard said...

Those cakes look awesome. Man, I really miss scarfing down lots and lots of dessert (but my waist doesn't).

Caviar? Sperm? What's the difference. When buying smoked fish, they can come with either. My mother used to call the semen - fish milk.

I haven't tried oen office lately. My two main beefs with it were: (1) slo-o-o-o-ow to open and (2) the spreadsheet didn't have all the functions I needed. But, for the average person, it is more than adequate.

It has gotten cooler in Madrid, but still mostly sunny. I am beginning to wonder how I managed to live in Canada without all this glorious sun and warm weather.

The Oriental Queen said...

damn those cakes look positively sinful.

Cavalock said...

richard: read on wiki that Open Office is getting a free upgrade before the end of the year.

queen: that's the whole idea. <^;^>