Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cavalock and The Anime Indeterminacy

First up, food food food! A well-deserved dinner at Ma Maison at Bugis Junction. Been there more than a couple of times, and had my usual yummy garlic buttered escargots again.

Next up was something new, cheese fritters! Never had that before. Very, very nice. Wonder how they did it ... I mean, how do you deep fry cheese anyway? And that little bowl of sweet sauce was just what the doctor ordered too.

Then a sizzling (Japanese style) hamburger steak main course to finish the meal. Yup, no dessert for me tonite. Two starters can do that to you. ヽ(`○´)/

OK, here's the part of the post where I tell everyone who is not into anime ... that you might be bored by the rest of the post. It's gonna be bout the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) which started this Saturday morning. I know I been real lucky or blessed even to be in a job/organisation that lets me kinda stick one foot in the US entertainment industry and dip the tip of the other in the Japanese anime industry.

The Anime Festival Asia at Suntec had its usual hordes of fanboys and cosplayers. Now I'm sure there be gazallions of AFA pix all over the Internet. I thought I'll post a different set of AFA pix. It was the nite before the exhibition and ...

... some maids are going through these steps and it doesn't look like there's any cleaning involved.

Everyone's getting ready, bring in stuff and setting them up.

And the next morning, just an hour before the doors open. Danny putting the final touches to his exhibit...

The media and other industry folks got in for a sneak preview before the common folks.

Hey, there's that book again! I wonder why it keeps showing up. ㋖㋟ヾ(>▽<)ノ〰!!

This Gundam armor took a couple of hours to suit up. But it looked great when it was done, complete with blinking, flashing lights.

Mere minutes before 10am and seconds before this guard lost his cool. Hah!


richard said...

I've never gone to one of those anime or comic book or sci-fi conventions. Three or four years ago, while visiting friend sin Toronto, I saw a whole bunch of young people dressed up and wished I could have done that.

Cavalock said...

Never too late to build a giant cardboard Dalek, in time for the next convention! <^;^>

richard said...

Ha ha!

Let's face it ... a 20 year old girl in a costume is cute, a 43 year old guy in a costume is sad.