Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Cavalock and The Black Plague Joyride

Well, its been a month since I started on the natto breakfast drill and I'm still on it. There are dozens of different packs that come with different ingredients or condiments like yuzu or mustard. Some I like more than others. I'm discovering new 'flavours' every time. So a normal breakfast now is some carbo or yogurt cereal, a serving of natto and some fruits like cherry tomatoes or bananas. Is it healthy? I dunno, I sure as hell hope so. And yes, the Baker-at-Home baked that little hot-crossed bun.

The first Kickstarter of the year arrived! Yes, There are more coming, last year's lockdown made me do crazy stuff! Don't judge me! Bristol 1350 is a delightful little game set in the town of Bristol in England back in 1350 during the dreaded Black Plague.

You and other players are villagers are racing to get out of town but you don't know if the person or player you are travelling with, has the plague or not. If you both escape and are healthy, you win but if you escape and discover that one of you is a carrier, you both lose. It's a simple and fast racing game with a tractor mechanic thrown in. And best of all, it can be played solo. It's not everyday you see a solo racing game. Yah, it is a pretty topical game and I think most folks will enjoy it. It even comes in a smart little box that's shaped like an old hardcover book. 

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