Thursday, March 04, 2021

Cavalock and The Eagle's Nest Renovation

Pleasantly surprised to find Flipper's Pancakes without a snaking queue one weekday afternoon at Takashimakya and naturally we made a beeline to the Japanese dessert joint. Wasn't planning on any desserts that day as we still had some Chinese New Year snacks at home to finish but we just couldn't resist an opportunity for some 'real' Japanese treats. 

We shared the seasonal Awayuki strawberry soufflé. Very sweet, the strawberries were fresh and tasty, the whole thing was extremely light. I think the Baker-at-Home and I finished it in less than three minutes. Would we go for it again? Unlikely as it was over $24 for that. Well, at least now we know. 

My 87-year-old Dad spotted this eagle's nest while on a bus a few weeks ago. So the day after that, he went back to the place to set up his camera gear and took these shots of a couple eagles building their nest. He said he'll return to the site a couple months later when or if any baby eagles are around. 

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