Sunday, February 21, 2021

Cavalock and The Morning Natto Nuke

I never thought it'll be something that I'll be having on a regular basis but here I am, eating natto in the morning. So under doctor's orders, I oughta be eating healthy so after some digging, I settled on the popular Japanese breakfast staple called natto.  

The last time I had it was back in Japan at least a decade ago, part of an onsen breakfast I think. As expected, I didn't take an instant liking to it. But when I had my serving of natto couple days ago, I thought it was alright, I followed what I read online, added a drop or two of soy sauce and ate it with a healthy serving of nori. Now I'm thinking perhaps the natto I had way back then at the onsen was kinda like a stronger or 'purer' homemade version compared to something commercial from a supermarket shelf. Maybe?

Anyway the plan is to have it every other day for breakfast and how it goes from there. You can add all kinds of stuff like feta cheese, raw egg or pepper on it to make it a little more palatable. There are so many different brands on sale that I'm gonna try different ones each week. 

Who knew? This could be the meanest street on our tiny red dot. First time seeing this road sign and I thought it was kinda amusing. Of cos, it wouldn't be that amusing if you are a bald person.

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