Monday, February 08, 2021

Cavalock and That Pre-Chinese New Year Post

Now it's always a good thing when a new dessert cafe shows up in the neighbourhood. Sweets Craftsman is located at Caven Road, next to Jalan Besar Stadium and features Japanese inspired desserts. It's a tiny little joint but nice and cosy. Me and the Baker-at-Home dropped by twice for some of their tasty creations. First up we had their creamy Fujiro swiss rolls and loved them so much that we returned couple days later for their meringue. 

Chinese New Year's just run the corner and of cos, this year is gonna be different cos of the obvious restrictions on gatherings. So I was listening to my friends complaining bout how their elders are trying to come up with ways to circumvent the law. Really?!? I could never understand, or perhaps 'empathise' would be the better word, with such large family gatherings. As an only child with no cousins here, there's only one other house to visit every year since the day I was born and that's the old family home, a place where I grew up and visit every week when I was in my teens. So I never experienced any awkward moments with relatives and all that jazz. Sometimes I wish I do have siblings so there would be someone to play boardgames with.

These were taken in January earlier this year at Seletar, I believe it was Seletar, by me Dad. He spent two days aiming his camera up in the tree. One day, the second day was wasted cos he wasn't able to get any decent shots. Fortunately the good shots were mostly taken on the first day. 

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