Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Cavalock and The No Vacation Post

So exactly a year ago, we got back from Tokyo and even started making plans to return to the city but who knew? Not having travelled for a year isn't as bad as it sounds. Back when I was taking care of me late Mom and Aunt, I don't think we left the country for a pretty long while too. Which got me thinking bout the folks who would pay for the SQ home meal delivery. It's at least 300 bucks and way I see it, there are better dining options out there at that price tag. For those who can easily afford it, chances are you have already experienced the real deal and I really don't think you would wanna pay that amount to have it (again) in your home. But maybe that's just me. I suppose if you are a young dating couple, you would wanna do something like that to impress someone? 

Anyway, looking at some of the vacation pix I took last year, Japan should be in a Halloween mood right about now. I don't think I wrote bout this in any previous Japan post but we found the Echire Boutique near our hotel at Marunouchi during our holiday there. They are the producers of the gourmet butter from the village of Echire in western France and it's frequently used in fancy joints round the world. Their famous croissants were sold out when we there in the evening so we got a bag of heavenly madelines and financiers instead. And that last pix of Tokyo Station platforms, it's from our room at Marunouchi Hotel.

Sometimes I do wish I was to all kinds of hijinks like before, so I got stuff or 'content' to blog about but we can't always have what we want or eat what we want, hence the lack of any food related posts for awhile now. Well, that's not entirely true, last week I had a wonderful dinner at a friends's place and where I had my very first taste of banh mi, the popular Vietnamese sandwich. Yes, I have never had one before, it just never appealed to me for whatever reason. Well, the homemade one I had that night was great. with generous grilled chicken in every bite. After dinner we got into some boardgames like camel racing game Camel Up, In Front of the Elevators where we queue and joust for positions in front of elevators, and ended the night with the hippie game of Aquarius. 

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