Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Cavalock and The Cupcake Carrier Catastrophe

Not something I would wish on me worst enemy. Our home order delivery arrived and only one cupcake made it out unscathed as the other three had all toppled over as well as had their frostings reduced to sludge. After the pick-up, it took over half hour for our delivery to arrive as I believed he made another drop first hence the melted frosting. The Baker-at-Home said she's pretty sure he dropped the box too. Oh well, they did refund us for the cupcakes but not for the no-longer-hot coffee that came with it. 

This may be the a very auntie thing to say but I live for this sorta unexpected shopping moments. The sheer joy of stumbling onto a bargain item like this. The first day of the Kinokuniya sale and I spotted this magazine on the rack. The only remaining copy of Miniatures Wargames that came with 12 free dwarf miniatures! Of cos, they are on a couple of sprues and you gotta glue them together, and paint (the fun part!) them later. I already downloaded the free PDF copy bout a month ago and forgot bout it. But never expected to find a copy here at only S$12.50 after discount. 

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