Saturday, October 24, 2020

Cavalock and The One with The Breakfast Otter

When we first saw the Nespresso advent calendar on sale, we kinda knew we had to have it even though the Baker-at-Home and I were never big fans of advent calendars. Gawd knows I resisted getting a Lego advent calendar for years. I figured I would most likely ruin the experience by opening everything within a day of getting it. Know what I mean? Growing up, I was more of a Christmas cracker kid. Fond memories of pulling them in the old family home on Christmas mornings. Funny thing is as I got older I found out that not many folks here have heard bout the grand ol' tradition of pulling crackers. Anyway we brought the Nespresso advent calendar without even trying to find out what the ... er... main or finale gift is. Well, a quick glance at the base told us we can expect (SPOILER ALERT!!!) .... 2 Pixie Espresso cups. Not a bad deal if that's what's in the S$40 (member price) box. Right now, we are trying to decide who gets to drink what on which day. She said I gotta drink it even if it turns out to be a sucky flavour that I never liked. Hah! 

Me Dad took these pix one early morning couple weeks back at Seletar. He actually snapped enough shots to make a mini-stop motion movie of the otter enjoying its breakfast.

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