Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Cavalock and The Plight of The Housework Illiterate

The Lockdown's over but we are still ordering in for most of our meals. The Baker-at-Home's friend managed to score another dinner for all four of us from popular local restaurant Mustard Seed. This would be the third time we are ordering from them and we weren't disappointed.  This week's menu is pretty good too and I gotta say, the habei hiam slider is a delicious east-meets-west combo that made me wishing for more. Unfortunately I didn't managed to get a good shot of it, that top view doesn't do justice to it. The opening grilled pork neck salad was another winning and the fact that we started the course with it really set us up for the rest of the meal.

So the Lockdown's is (kinda) over and I'm glad to say that the Baker-at-Home and I had a relatively smooth time during the last couple months. No arguments, we worked out almost every day, half hour at least. Ordered a ton of food deliveries and she cooked as well as baked oh, so many dishes too. Now we heard from some friends of how helpless they were when their part-time maids weren't around. I was really surprised cos these are intelligent people in upper management, team leaders in the workplace, folks who do stuff way above my pay grade and who now don't know or just too lazy or sloppy to do laundry or dishes or any kind of housework. Some reduced to squabbling with their spouses cos neither of them wanted to do any minor housework. For reasons I can't fathom, they don't want to turn on their washing machines, they leave dishes in the sink for weeks etc. I mean, seriously? One said he or she didn't want to leave the house during this period cos that would mean having to wear clean clothes. 

I had planned to do more writing during the Lockdown but now that it's (sorta) over, I actually did way more painting than writing. There was a short writing submission thingy but I didn't really got to that and the deadline's over. Anyway, the latest miniature I painted was this Dreadnaught I bought about 2 years ago. I don't see myself playing it cos it's from Warhammer 40K game and I'm currently playing Warhammer: Age of Sigmar but it was a joy to paint. I even managed to transfer some decals on it. Well, when I say 'currently playing', it has been months since I played Warhammer with anyone.😣

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