Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Cavalock and The Birthday Delivery Hot Pot

So for the Baker-at-Home's birthday last week, her friends got a sukiyaki set from The Gyu Bar delivered to our tiny little apartment. Fortunately we still have this huge and heavy cast-iron pot that yours truly hauled all the way from Japan back in 2017. And it was just perfect for the hot pot! Hah! Everything came in convenient packs like the dashi and sukiyaki sauce, and putting it all together in the Vermicular pot was a breeze for the Baker-at-Home. We loved it and the whole dinner reminded her of the hot pot meals we had in Japan. In fact, we been binge watching Japanese travel shows on cable and whenever the episode focuses on the local cuisine, we start reminiscing bout our previous trips to Japan and the fabulous food that we probably won't ever get to enjoy again until gawd know when.

Been too long since I posted any of me Dad's wildlife pix here. Here are some of the many shots that he snapped around his neighbourhood.

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