Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Cavalock and The Birthday Lunch Post

What a wonderful birthday lunch at Hashida Sushi! Was our first time at their Mohamed Sultan joint and it's one of those places that we kept saying that we oughta go but just never got to. Anyway, we were finally there and almost immediately we were pretty impressed by the lush yet minimalist decor. Always fancied them Japanese restaurants with those cool long corridors and dining rooms. Amazing omakase selection and I must say that I preferred the fresh 'traditional' sushi here than what we had at Esora (*cough* M.Star *cough*) last year. Esora was great but if I had a choice I would pay a return visit to Hashida than Esora anytime soon. And becos the sake connoisseur AKA the Baker-at-Home requested it, we also had 540ml of sake to accompany the meal.

Now here's something you don't see at your average neighbourhood FairPrice. Fusion Pringles available at Liang Court's Meidi-Ya. Sounds pretty exotic. Don't ask me how it tastes cos I don't do Pringles. I just find these Fusion flavours rather intriguing and yes, almost gimmicky. Hah!

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