Sunday, September 30, 2018

Cavalock and The Other Birthday Dinner

As with every birthday month every year, I tend to stuff myself a little more than usual. This year's spotlight meal has got to be Esora at Mohamed Sultan Road. It's apparently a pretty popular joint according to the local media. Modern Japanese cuisine. Definitely not a cheap meal as we each took the S$248 set plus a whole big bottle of sake. I tell myself it's worth it cos to think otherwise would positively drive me insane. Hah! I'm just kidding! We really loved every dish we had, some more than others. But really, we sat at the counter (our favourite seats in every Japanese joint) and had all our senses blown away by how beautiful every dish was, how unique they were and of cos, how they all came together for an amazing experience.

It's not a very big place, I guessing about 30-seater tops. Appreciate the personal touch as we were leaving the place. A little printout of the menu and a door gift. Unexpected but sweet and it's little things like this that won us over.

Also been bout a year since I joined the gym. No regrets that is until I get all nauseous during workout and feel like I'm gonna die... still no regrets.

Every time I see this poster, I'm thinking since when did the Guardians of the Galaxy become a part of our culture?

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