Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Cavalock and The Self-Serve Sake Sensation

Even since that time a year ago, when we wandered into a Foundry bakery at Karuizawa, we have become huge fans of their yummy creations. Well, we didn't have time to visit the place again even though we did drop by Karuizawa for a day but we were fortunate to find a small Foundry outlet at Shinjuku. Couldn't resist a slice of melon cake while the Baker-at-Home had the peach. A most welcome treat during summer.

More random Japan food notes and pix. Didn't notice this the last time I was at Narita's airport lounge. Self-serve Sake! Three different ones to choose from. I know I had one right after breakfast, nice and dry. Just can't remembered which. :)

No Tokyo vacation would be complete without me dropping by my favourite Japanese board game shop Yellow Submarine. This trip, I visited not one but two Yellow Submarines in Tokyo, their Shinjuku as well as Akihabara outlets. Picked up more games than in March but there were a few here that were requests from friends.

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