Thursday, April 12, 2018

Cavalock and The Obligatory Hokkaido Tokyo Food Collage

I don't know how many folks actually follow me on this blog but this is something I do whenever I step outta the country. Well, I think I do know at least three of your nice folks out there who do, you know who you are. Anyway thanks and now the Obligatory Food Collage returns this year for a double Hokkaido Tokyo treat. Hah!

I reckon the only time I been to Tokyo and not drop by gameshop Yellow Submarine in Shinjuku was during a work trip a lifetime ago. I have been buying sooooo many little Japanese boardgames during my last couple trips that I have yet to play them. Kept it controlled this time and only bought three small games. Unfortunately I have yet to play two of them, so same old again. Any boardgamers out there?

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