Thursday, April 05, 2018

Cavalock and The Miracle Wound Glue

Like I said earlier, this Japan trip it was the coffee beans that stole the limelight. In Tokyo, we went looking for popular coffee joint Onibus Coffee in Meguro. The Baker-at-Home did her homework and deemed their coffee beans worthy of making the journey back home with us.

This is not a coffee joint that's conveniently situated along the main road. Took us non-natives awhile to Google map our way to this tiny two-storey building. We weren't the only Asian tourists that chilly afternoon. I think there were at least some Hong Kongers and two Singaporean girls. You could actually head upstairs to enjoy your coffee but we didn't know that at first! So we ended up drinking out in the cold open air.

This is good coffee. The latte's not too strong for me but the Baker-at-Home prefers hers black and she really likes hers. Nice aroma and just the right level of acidity for me. I wish I could describe the excellent coffee nuances and notes (wait a sec... that's wine right?), and all that other stuff. All I could say is, a warm cup of coffee is always welcomed on a cold March afternoon.

In another episode of "Why can't we have this here?!?", we got this amazing open wound sealer. Well, at least that's what I'm calling it. Remember in those action movies, when the hero gets shot or cut up in some remote location, then he'll have nowhere to turn to except to patch himself up using some kinda glue? Now this miracle Japanese product does just that and it's readily available at over the counter at Japanese pharmacies. I had this nasty cut for weeks and I did almost everything I could to get rid of it. They all didn't work until I saw this Japanese product, it stings like hell when you apply it. It works similar to glue where the slick liquid glue seals and forms a thick clear coat over the wound. And it also smells like freakin' nail polish. But it's all worth it as by the second day, the cut was pretty much sealed. Is there such a thing like in our local drugstores?!?


imp said...

Hmm. The closest we have for over-the-counter sales is the Opsite spray dressing. You’d still need a thin layer of antiseptic cream beneath before spraying it on. It films over sticky and clear, and is water-resistant.

Cavalock said...

Yah, I have seen the spray dressing before but have never used it. Sounds like you need an extra step with the antiseptic cream. The Japanese one doesn't need that, and its just a one-step process.