Monday, April 09, 2018

Cavalock and The Omnipotent Omakase Occurrence

Hands down, the best and most memorable meal this Japan trip is the omakase dinner at Sushi Iwasawa. It's a tiny eight-seater restaurant. Yup, just a neat little ol' counter for eight guests and just nice for the six of us. Always fun to meet up with friends who are already in Tokyo. The Baker-at-Home's friend knows a friend who knows a friend (who knows a friend???) who got us first-seating reservations and that's how the six of us ended up having dinner there.

A delightfully intimate and much appreciated dining experience. After six days of travelling and stuff, it's almost therapeutic to just savour a wonderful meal like this. Chef Iwasawa-san made sure the food kept coming and that our glasses were adequately filled. We counted over 30 dishes by the end of the evening! Every single bite glorious although I was a little too busy with the company to remember all the dishes. Bill was little over S$300 per person and worth every cent.

It's also interesting to notice that chefs in Japan would often ask you if you have had your fill when having an omakase meal. The food were all so tasty and fresh, we wanted more! Three more dishes came our way and we were supremely satisfied after that. I don't remember that happening here in Singapore. Back home, once you have your fixed number of omakase dishes, you are out of the door. Or maybe I just haven't been to the classy ones! Hah!

If anyone is interested, you can read up them links here and here. There are other sushi restaurants listed there too.

You can never get enough Star Wars stuff in Japan. There's always always ALWAYS some new Star Wars merchandise on sale during every trip. I'm talking bout Japanese exclusive Star Wars stuff here. This trip, I noticed Star Wars hair wax for the Chewie in you. The Star Wars luggage stickers depicting the various planets and ships were very cool but when was the last you noticed any luggage with stickers on them? ANA's inflight magazine even got in on the act.

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