Monday, June 03, 2019

Cavalock and The Pigeon Beef Masquerade

Back to Esora we go! ... or is it 'went' since we were already there. Anyway, was my second dinner at the Mohamed Sultan Road restaurant but the fourth or is it fifth time for the Baker-at-Home, which I guess makes her enough of a regular for folks there to recognise and engage her in some friendly dinnertime conversation. Unlike myself an all-out introvert, the opportunity to engage in or at least eavesdrop on such fascinating banter is always a delight.

Well, we had the sake and wine pairing to go with our the eight-course dinner. Although we would have loved an all sake pairing. Worth every penny, excellent meal. The pigeon was amazing and in a blindfold test I would have thought it was beef. And ladies and gentlemen, this is why I am not a food blogger!

Foie Gras, mango, myoga

Fried sawara, caviar, asparagus, yamawasabi


Hamo soup, winter melon, sudachi

Grilled kinmedai, pea, hamaguri

Grilled pigeon, nasu, fushimi pepper

Ayu Donabe

White peach, yogurt ice-cream, tohobjin jelly

As always, we had a little parting gift. The slice of Castella cake was a perfect addition to breakfast the morning after. Seriously, the Baker-at-Home and I would be surprised if they don't win a Michelin   Star soon.

Well, I have been hitting my regular stores over the last week in my cast and clutches. And after having to explain to at least three different storekeepers my current condition, I have decided to spice it up the next time someone asks me what happened to my foot. Telling folks I tore my tendon sounds extremely boring, so I'm currently wavering between "fell while skiing over the Swiss Alps" or "hurt myself during a hip-hop dance off".

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