Sunday, June 30, 2019

Cavalock and The First Giant Paintover

The Baker-at-Home had a belated birthday treat with her friend at Olivia recently. Our first time there and we really enjoyed the food and company. Some mild amusement provided by three overdressed aunties and one uncle at the opposite table who can't seem to stop taking selfies outside the joint and then inside. Seriously? Anyway, one of the few times I had actually had a tapas kinda meal. Not exactly a tapas fan but the food at Olivia won me over. Like I said, amazing food and I can understand why it's a full house almost every night.

From this to that, the biggest figure I ever painted so far, the Aleguzzler Gargant. Had a blast painting it and really hope to use him in a game soon. Games Workshop changed or rather added the new Mercenary rules that allowed different armies to bring in figures from other factions. All to make us buy figures we would not normally buy. The Baker-at-Home's friend carried five big boxes of Games Workshop miniatures from London back for us. Very grateful for that. That's enough painting to keep me busy for the next few months.

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