Monday, December 31, 2018

Cavalock and The Last Post of The Year

It's the last post of the year! I'm still looking back at 2018 and I'm still heading to the gym. That's something I started back in 2017 and I'm actually kinda like doing now, to the point that I think I may have injured myself. I try to put in at least two or three visits a week and I tell myself with how much I'm paying every month, I need to get my ROI ASAP. Hah!  

2018 is also the year the Baker-at -Home became a qualified, certified and I dare say gentrified Baker. It's not one them government skills thing, but something she paid for all on her own. But that's not her day job, it's a little hobby that we all at home benefit from. 

So in an earlier post, I mentioned bout being short of one game from hitting my target of 365 games played this year. Well, I passed that target a couple days again with games like Tulip Bubble and Kill Team. Fortunate enough to slip in three games of Kill Team on Sunday afternoon. My Tyranids, those are the Alien-like creatures, went up against Deathwatch Space Marines, Nurgles and Necrons.

A few weeks ago, me Dad finally bought the no-so-new-anymore Nikon mirrorless camera. He's still waiting for the new lens to arrive. I think it's pretty neat that the camera is so user-friendly that a 85-year-old man like my Dad can take these shots with it.

Happy New Year!


imp said...

Happy New Year, Cavalock and Baker-at-Home!

Oh dear, hope the foot injury isn't too serious! Ease up on jumps!

Cavalock said...

Happy new year to you and our man too! Hope I'm not too late.

Yah, did an x-ray and it's me ligament. We'll see what the sports centre docs say later in the month.