Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Cavalock and The Obligatory London Food Collage

Time for the obligatory food collage, all the way from London this time. Last London post cos I think I posted more than enough vacation pix for this trip. Lots of good food but I think we ate less in London than in Tokyo. In Japan, we definitely had more carbo, drank way more coffee than tea, stuffed ourselves with more sugary desserts. Although I think we took just as much subway rides in London as in Tokyo counting both Japan holidays this year.

With such beautiful parks and rare sunny weather throughout the entire trip, we couldn't possibility spend every minute just shopping indoors, could we? I suppose if you are a planning a vacation to London, you gotta come at the right time otherwise you are gonna be greeted by the all-too-familiar dreary sucky London weather.

Final shoutout to SQ for having this in their London Heathrow Airport lounge. I didn't try it cos I wasn't exactly in the mood for ice-cream that morning but still, it's something worth checking out if anyone reading this is there next time. Wonder if they are in SQ's other airport lounges too.

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