Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cavalock and The Shameless Photo Book Plug

One project that I have been working for the last few months is finally out of the bag. Published by Marshall Cavendish (big thank you to Justin, Melvin and everyone else who worked on it), it's a photo book featuring wildlife photos taken by my 83-year-old Dad. There are over 250 color photos of birds across Singapore and in addition to pictures, each chapter also offers a candid view of his routines.

I have blogged bout some of his pictures here. He only started taking them about four years ago after me Mom passed away. Well, the book is now available at Kinokuniya at S$26.75 before member discount. If you like looking at some really neat photos of local birds and find out where you can find them in Singapore, do grab a copy! Although according to me Dad some of the birds have deserted several areas already. Like the ducks in our World Heritage Botanic Gardens, me Dad says they are all gone now.

I also wanna thank my friend Imp who wrote a little something about the book. I'm so glad she enjoyed it. What else can I say about the book? It's a labor of love, I learnt a lot putting it together with the wonderful folks at Marshall Cavendish and I hope everyone enjoys it too.

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