Monday, October 10, 2016

Cavalock and The Dinner Party Puzzlement

So on Saturday night, I was at a little intimate dinner party at my friend's apartment and it got me thinking about the idea or 'culture' of dinner parties here. I guess it's something we don't see a lot of, I mean folks here still meet up for dinner but it's usually for a birthday party or watching a football match or some group event like reunions, and it's almost always at a restaurant or zi char joint. I imagine for Singaporeans here there's got to be an important enough reason to meet up otherwise why bother and cooking dinner at home is too much of a hassle? Nothing wrong with that of cos. Most people I know don't really meet up at a friend's place, enjoy a full home-cooked meal together then just sitting at the dinner table and talking about stuff. All right, maybe a lot of people actually do dinner parties and I just don't get invited? Hah!

Anyway, I think dinner parties are fun and the subsequent dinner conversations are often really memorable. Cos usually there'll be dinner guests that you'll be meeting for the first time. Well, our hostess is from the F&B industry and naturally we were treated to a fantastic spread that night. The pesto pasta (or is it pasta pesto?) was amazing. She bought it while in Milan and the Italian chef who recommended it claimed that the handmade pasta was one of the most popular ones in the city. Its twisty little shape makes it ideal for pesto.

We had some devious boozy ice-cream too. Served in these beautiful vintage Babycham glasses. I actually had a set of those from the old family home but I threw them away! You can see from the last picture below (yes, I snapped a pix before tossing them into the trash bag), the logos are quite worn out and I don't think anyone would actually want them. Fortunately my friend got her set from someone else.

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