Friday, October 28, 2016

Cavalock and The Arabian Breakfast Bonus

Who knew that I would be a fan of middle eastern breakfasts? Headed to the morning spread at our Sunway Pyramid breakfast buffet in Kuala Lumpur and was pleasantly surprised to spot a selection of my favourite veggies like cauliflower, eggplant and garlic. Plus all-you-can-eat chicken liver and amazing crisps over at the middle eastern corner of the buffet table. Could have taken a better photo but hey, it was too early in the morning. Damn, I reckon this is gonna be another one them overseas food experiences that I'm gonna be hoping to find or replicate back home but to no avail.

Hey, Kinokuniya is having a 20% members sale this weekend so please pick up a copy of me Dad's wildlife photo book Taking Flight if you are there! Thanks!

Oh, and since it's Halloween this weekend, I figured I'll post another short Halloween poem. Wrote this after lunch one lazy afternoon. Too gross? I hope so.

Old Man Fallon

The first bite was the tastiest
Old man Fallon would recall
Only sixteen yet the meatiest
That quivering lad chained to his wall

Back in ’81 when Fallon first savoured a taste
The flesh of one so young and tender
Not an ounce did he waste
As he threw it all in the blender

An annual treat so yummy and delicious
Pick a fella then flick a hammer
One must deal a blow most vicious
Then drag him down the cold dark slammer

Grilled, roasted or boiled in a pot
First cut him into little parts
Serve him cold or hot
It’s always a meal that’s a work of art

Old man Fallon, today eighty-eight of age
A toothless grin he’ll proudly flash
Now he’ll just stick to hot potage
Oh, how he misses his ghoulish goulash

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