Thursday, February 04, 2016

Cavalock and The Global Snack Sighting

These caught my eye when I was at Meidi-Ya last week. Handy little snack packs with a global flavour and from of all places, Northern Ireland but the S$9 plus price tag kinda scared me away. Then I headed to booze section and oh gosh, I remember this, Suntory Whiskey! And they got a gift pack now. Good times in Tokyo last year where a pint of Suntory whisky with lemon accompanied almost every dinner.

Oh, looks like the cat is out of the bag that Creamier will be opening their 3rd outlet later this month at Gillman Barracks. My friend who's the genius cooking and baking up a storm at the place told me bout it last year but I figured it's probably all hush-hush till now. Looking forward to it.

Yah, I'm in one of my Lego moods. Good way to de-stress. I call this the 'Day After The Aliens Won' or 'Food Cart of The Future." Take yer pick.

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