Friday, February 12, 2016

Cavalock and The Fukubukuro Food Grab

I have always wanted to grab one of these Japanese new year lucky bags or Fukubukuro since I heard bout them over a decade ago. My friend was in Tokyo couple years ago for new year celebrations and got one from Lego and it was filled with all kinds of cool stuff worth more than twice the amount you paid for the bag. So yah, the attractive thing bout these bags are that the items in them are often worth at least 50% or way more than what you paid for the bag. And there's also the element of surprise since you never know what's in them. I mean, you would kinda know cos they do say if it's filled with food, toys, fashion etc. depending on where you are getting it.

So anyway, on Wednesday morning I headed to Isetan to grab my first Fukubukuro. Since the baker at home has rejoined the world of high-risk corporate investment, it was up to me to level up her tai-tai character. Reached Isetan Scotts less than 10 minutes before 10am and I was number 15 (out of 150) in the queue for their Food category S$68 Fukubukuro. I was expecting a longer queue outside the basement supermarket but no complaints as everything moved really quick at 10am and I was out by 10.05am.

And holy shit!!! It was a freakin' heavy bag! Must have weighed at least 10kg. I was hoping to hang around until 11am to try grab the S$88 Household category Fukubukuro or maybe drop by Kinokuniya. But no way I could do any of that lugging around a 10kg bag of mystery groceries.

Waited until after dinner when the baker at home got back from work then we ripped the bag apart. Well, here's what we got. The big ticket item were the bottles of Japanese Apple Juice and they were the ones we like! We checked online and all four bottles would cost over S$50. Plus the rest of the stuff in there, we got cash vouchers, rice, soba, candy, drinks, soap, shampoo and even a little booze. We reckoned the bag was worth twice the amount I paid for it. Pretty fun experience, reminded me of the old lucky dip presents at toy stores during Christmas.

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