Saturday, February 20, 2016

Cavalock and The Fugu Formulation

Dropped by the basement of ION Orchard one night and found a couple of new stalls getting ready for their big day. Saw the popular Adam Road Nasi Lemak opening soon as well as this famous import from Hokkaido, Japan. One of my favorite snacks during my last trip to Tokyo last year. The cheese tarts are heavenly and I only hope they'll keep the price reasonable and not something crazy like over S$3 each cos it's only about S$2 plus in Japan. I believe it's over S$4 for one in Hong Kong which is crazy expensive.

Oh, and I had my first bite of Fugu (puffer fish) that same evening for dinner at Ginza Kuroson at Takashimaya. Yah, I'm still alive. A little chewy and kinda reminded of Ika (squid) sushi.

Six months ago, I was at a boardgame warehouse sale that was exactly like an episode of Storage Wars. Was fun despite the cramp, dark and sweaty hot environment. Grabbed some great games. So when I heard there was gonna be another sale this Saturday today, I immediately made plans for Round 2. Ah, but there was a caveat this time.

New condition for this sale! Pay S$100 at the door for one big red plastic bag and you go in to the storage facility and fill it up with as much games as you can. That's right, it's like buying the most expensive plastic bag ever and the games are free. Hah!

The sale was to start at around 10am but I was there at 9am and I was already number 11 in line. It was a closing down sale for the online shop so after all those previous sale events, me and my friends kinda wondered if there were really anything worth reaping. I mean you gotta be one of the first few in line if you want to get something good. Fortunately I was in the first group to view and pick from the storeroom. And what great pickings they were! Best buy was the massive award-winning Dungeons and Dragons: Conquest of Nerath boardgame with a retail price of US$70, it was also the only box there. Hurling all that loot home on the train was a nightmare! Definitely over S$100 worth of games, now I wonder if I'll ever find the time and space for them.

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